• Classes

  • Shihan Ed encourages the student’s to come to class early so they can practice and get help on anything with which they may be having difficulty. He also stresses that Kengo CMA is an extended family and the students should always look out for each other.

  • Shihan Ed Brizzolara teaches Karate & Jujitsu along with other Martial Arts techniques from other systems he has learned throughout the years, this with the benefits of street fighting is a proven way to be victorious in case a student finds him or herself in a real life situation.

    The way Shihan Ed Brizzolara teaches is unique due to the foundation he instills on all his students. In the Youth class the students are taught Karate; the correct ways to stand, block, punch, and kick.

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  • In the Tuesday night classes students learn how to develop and execute all the techniques they need to build and continue their foundation while moving up in rank.

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  • Don't be a victim!

    Statistics show that every 46 seconds a woman is attacked, learn how to protect yourself.

    Kengo C.M.A. also offers a superb LADIES SELF-DEFENSE course. This course teaches women to protect themselves, develop self-esteem, and master the art of self-discipline and to get physically fit.

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