• Youth Martial Arts

  • Shihan Ed encourages the student’s to come to class early so they can practice and get help on anything they may be having difficulty with. He also stresses that Kengo CMA is an extended family and the students should always look out for each other.

  • Youth Ages 7-16

    In the Traditional Karate and Jujitsu Youth classes the students learn to develop and execute all the techniques they need to build and continue their foundation while moving up in rank

  • Adults 16 and Up

    This class is a personalized setting. The students get personal attention while learning more difficult techniques. The students are able to concentrate on learning more advanced moves. They get to learn and practice advanced takedowns, pins, knife fighting, stick fighting and other weapons, home self-defense and other specialized training. In order to participate you do not need to be a current student at Kengo CMA Karate and Jujitsu.